Sunday, July 25, 2010

Your contract

Your love has signed a contract with the United States military. It's full of specifications and rules - all that jazz. There's no way around it once they've signed it.

You have also signed a contract, except for without a pen and paper.

When you are in love with a military man, and you tell him you love him and are here for him, you've made a choice. You have agreed to stay faithful, you have agreed to be his support system, you have agreed to never let go, no matter how hard it gets. Imagine this - Your man has signed an unbreakable contract. Then, he's also signed the unwritten contract with you. He's got two things that his heart must be put into. You only truly have one contract. And when he starts to have a hard time holding onto both of his duties, he's bound to slip up here and there. He's bound to get frustrated or angry. He's bound to make you upset with him. You just need to remember what you've signed yourself into. You love this man, the same way he loves his country. You serve him as he serves his country. There is no other choice. You do all you can possibly do, and you never give up.

As for loyalty, what is the point in cheating ladies? Honestly? Ever kissed a guy (in the past) where there was no connection? It felt like lips-on-lips and no *spark*? That's not a kiss. That's a body motion. A body motion that will ruin your whole relationship. Fill you with guilt (if you're a decent person at all) and then hurt him when he finds out - which he will somehow. There's no point in giving up a long happy life with your love for some stupid physical action that means jack shit. Hang in there ladies, even when you're craving a kiss or even a bit more. Because it'll make the next time you're with your man even more wonderful.

When he's sick, tired, angry, frustrated, annoyed, pissy, male PMSing, you have to be the tough one. He's got alot going on even if it doesn't seem like it. You're his support system and his strength really. Having a loving and wonderful girl back home makes the difference sometimes between whether he has that extra PUSH in the time of need.

There's no other option when you truly love your man. They don't usually or always like what they're doing. Sometimes they just wanna quit and go home. But they can't. They have too much loyalty, love and dedication for that. Plus they remember their duty. You have to have the same attitude if you want to make it through this.

You signed it ladies, now it's time to fulfill it for as long as you shall live.

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