Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ever feel as though you're in love with a serviceman, telephone & a computer?

I don't know about anyone else, but ever since I heard my phone ringing on Christmas morning from the back of the Christmas tree, I've been attached. It became part of my clothing and without it I felt naked. My mom used to complain about the number of texts a month, my dad would complain about paying for unlimited texting, my grandparents didn't like that I'd text at the dinner table. I felt absolutely lost whenever I forgot my phone in my room or on the table when I left a room. As if I was waiting for a call from some millionaire offering to give me all his money and tell me I'd won some wonderful contest that I hadn't even entered. I thought I was attached then... Little did I know...

My future held a military man.

My phone has become a body part versus a piece of clothing. I don't sleep without it on loud, right next to the bed. I don't go leave a room without it. I don't "silence" it during movies, I just put it on vibrate and hold it in my hand the whole time. I don't leave it in the car when I go in restaurants. I don't go to the bathroom without it. I don't shower without it AND a towel sitting right outside in the case of an unexpected phone call. That phone is ALWAYS with me, no matter where I go. Because as all military girls know, missing a phone call (generally not a text) will destroy your life until you get another call. Which can sometimes be weeks, or months. Not only has the phone become part of me, but the computer has as well. Since it's not as mobile as a phone obviously, I've set up about every single reminder on the computer to send an alert to my phone. Currently, I can't figure out how the hell to do that for my email so it doesn't do me any good there. But I religiously check my email incase I've received something. As if I'll write back and he'll still be sitting there? Yeah right. Submariners aren't that lucky. Internet connection SUCKS and your emails hardly transmit in the first place.

Ever have a friend invite you out on a day you assume you might "possibly" be getting a call? You make up a lame excuse why you can't go or you make sure you're driving separate just incase he calls and has some time, so you can high-tail your ass home and talk to him privately for as long as you want without your friends complaining that while you're all out having a good time, you spend half an hour on the phone with your man. Not to mention, that is the most annoying thing in the world when all your friends are sitting there watching you talk on the phone either a.) watch you with an irritated look on their face or b.) are all giggling and talking really loud amungst each other because they have NO idea how important this is, when this is honestly the only contact you've had with the love of your life in... how long?

This blog isn't necessarily for any advice, because what advice is there to give on this one? I'm not gonna tell you "Leave your phone at home for a whole day and go out and have a good time with your girlies! You need some time away from your technology!" Because that is ridiculous. If I told you that, and you took that advice, then came home at the end of a wonderful day with your friends, and saw a missed call from your sweetheart, your whole week, month, whatever will be ruined. And so will his. Sadly, us military girls have to be attached to our phones and computers. And they will always come as our first priority because they are our only connection to our loved ones, and generally it's only a small window of opportunity that's open for communication. Hell, if you leave your phone on your bed or table, take a trip to the bathroom and stop for a drink in the fridge on your way back, that small window of opportunity could have came and passed.

But, since I HAVE to give some sort of advice, I'll give some on how to avoid those "nights out with the girlies" interrupting or ruining your phone call with your hubby.

First off, if they're your "girlies" they should probably understand how important this to you. I mean obviously they can't quite understand the magnititude of it, because they probably haven't ever based their mood and will-power for weeks or months off of a 30 second phone call, or the heavenly luxury of a HALF AN HOUR phone call... Unless of course you're hanging out with your other military girlfriend/fiance/wife girlies, because those ones will DEFINITELY understaond.

Second off, if you're expecting a call but you REALLY want to go out with your friends or a friend, come up with a plan. Say you're going out with a group to the movies, to dinner, the mall, wherever. Drive yourself if at all possible. Even if you don't leave, you'll have a car to sit in and talk to your love privately while allowing your friends to still enjoy themselves and not have to stand around and watch you talk. If you're going out with just one friend, explain to him/her that you're expecting a call and it's extremely important that you answer and talk for as long as he's got time for. Again, a true friend should definitely understand. But another piece of advice that might be easier all together, is just stay in. Schedule plans another night. The only downer on this, is if your call doesn't come in, you've stayed in all night waiting for it and it's almost as bad as missing the call cause you're disappointed.

Thirdly, if you do miss a call... As hard as it may be, don't let it end your world. Missing a call or Skype call or IM or anything is catastrophic. Generally he'll leave a voicemail if he calls (Make sure your voicemail is SET UP and also has FREE SPACE for new messages!) Cherish the voicemail. I don't have to tell you that, cause I'm sure you already will. If you miss a skype call, it's a huge downer because you've got the chance to SEE your love, and there's no advice there. Except you should at least be happy that he tried to get ahold of you which means he's thinking about you :) That's always a wonderful thought when your man is away for so long. You start to wonder if he's still thinking of you or if his mind is in other places. As for missing an email, please don't fret. Unless you sit on your email and refresh the page every minute, and write back the second you get it, you won't be able to email fast enough anyways. Plus sometimes while our boys are on deployment or whatever, the emails don't always pop up in our inbox the same time they are sent.

Missing a phone call or anything of the sort is really hard and has the power to completely wipe you out and drive you crazy. So just try to keep that phone attached and hook up all your things your hubby could talk to you on to your cell. Although I don't have one, I've been told a blackberry or something of the sort is wonderful for military girls so you can check your email, IM and even some have webcams! Don't go out and spend too much money on something like this unless you're really financially comforatable though. A regular phone does just as good!

Stay strong ladies.
I hope you call get a call soon!

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  1. This is perfect because I just went through this Friday! I hadn't heard from him in a week and a half. Didn't expect a call at all. I had an overwhelmed moment due to some stress, and jumped in the shower. I looked at my phone on the table and something told me to take it with me. I'm the type to put in on a towel in reaching distance. But then I thought not. I looked desperate enough holding it in my hand every second. A few minutes into my shower HE CALLED! First he sent 4 texts! My sis ended up answering it and by the time I could talk to him it was less than a minute before he had to go. I thought it was the end of the world! I got so grumpy and mean. This is the 1st time this has happened. Luckily he was able to call later & I realized I was being a brat. lol Now I know how to handle the situation if it comes up again. Good advice Laurel!